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Sewer Line Replacement

Posted on September 8, 2013 | No Comments on Sewer Line Replacement

Shortly after our son Michael was born, our main line sewer decided it was time to give up. The clay pipe had broken away in several spots, and roots have intruded. Also, the city was kind enough to plant a magnolia tree right on top of the line. After having the home warranty people send out an incompetent plumber to try to replace it, and not cover any of the costs as they don’t cover roots, our city inspector suggested a company they use and the job was quickly done.

The broken pipe in the scope:



Work in progress:


Parked for the night:


The complete replacement included digging up the street, breaking out the city’s main and replacing it with a Y fitting to accept our new pipe:


Today the grass has recovered, and you can hardly tell we had any major digging in the front yard.  🙂

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