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Networking Completed, For Now

Posted on August 3, 2013 | 2 Comments on Networking Completed, For Now

Warning:  I am not a networking professional, I just pretend to be one at home.  What I did works, and looks pretty, that’s all I know.  🙂

Our house has this little niche in the office, and a raised foundation for easy cable running, and when we moved in I thought it would make a good shelf to put the printer/scanner on, as well as put the networking below.  It started out as 4 cat6 cables from the living room:


And grew into a huge mess of cables, as we added 6 more cat6 runs to the master bedroom, 4 to the office and 2 to a front bedroom.  The sprinkler timer also got rerouted from outdoors to inside this niche.


The finished product from has some shelf brackets turned into a makeshift 19 inch rack.  The 24 port patch panel has 16 ports used, with the yellow and pink cables going to PoE injectors for our 3 wireless access points, covering the entire house with excellent reception.  An outlet was added as well so the closet door can be closed.  I have maxed out the 16 port gigabit switch I have, maybe a larger, rack-mount one will be in the future.  🙂  For now a 19″ rack shelf works to hold the cable modem and other components.


The runs end in keystones with cover places.  Behind the office desk I have a 4 way outlet, some others are just 2 ports.


And as far apart as I could put them are the 3 wireless access points by ubiquity networks, powered by PoE from the office so all they need is just a network cable.


The wireless system allows for seamless roaming between access points, including statistics and monitoring of those connected.  So far we have had no problems with speeds or coverage.


The last picture shows connected users, signal strength, and activity with options to manage them.



  1. John Reply

    Where did you get those shelf brackets that made the 19″ server rack for your closet? I have searched all over and cant find anything close to what you used. Thanks!

  2. admin Reply

    @John – They were these ones from home depot, with part of them removed. http://www.homedepot.com/p/Rubbermaid-6-in-L-x-8-in-H-Black-Arch-Steel-Decorative-Shelf-Bracket-1877580/204660654

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