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Master Bedroom

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The master bedroom project started January 26th and finished May 22nd.  This part of the house consisted of a hallway with two closets on the left, a bathroom straight down the hallway, and a bump-out with the master bedroom doorway to the right.  The master bedroom contained another very large closet.  We wanted to put a door at the start of the hallway, remove the large closet inside the master to make it larger, and remove the old master door to open up the room.  It makes the bathroom an ensuite bathroom now.

Taking the walls down to studs allowed us to find and fix some wiring surprises, some disintegrating duct work, as well as put in coax, cat6, and insulation.

Inside before:

Inside Before

Inside with plaster, closet and door framing removed, and sound proofing added:

Inside During

Finished product!  Smooth walls, with crown molding, recessed lighting, new closet door and trim:

Inside After

Another view, looking into the room:


And after:


And a final view, the hall before any changes:


And the hallway afterwards.  We used the door and casing from a previously removed extra door in the front bedroom, to use as our new master bedroom door.


We are glad to have the job complete, and are enjoying sleeping in our quiet, new master bedroom with the help from

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