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Window changes in bathroom and living room

When we removed a built-in bookshelf, we noticed that there was framing for a window there already.  A window had been covered up, inside and out.

There was also the large bathroom window.  We want to change the layout of the bathroom in the future to put a bathtub against the outside wall.  When the cost came back almost equal for 1 window vs 2 windows we decided to go ahead.  So this window on the right side:

The window was changed to a small one like in the other bathroom, a proper size for above a bathtub.  The other window is a double hung to match the other already-updated windows.  Stucco was reapplied:

And after painting with texcote, you can hardly tell there was anything done.  The living room feels much brighter and we are happy with the change.

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