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Not A Fan Of Acoustic Tiles

Posted on October 15, 2012 | No Comments on Not A Fan Of Acoustic Tiles

We don’t care much for the look of acoustic tiles.  They were in the entryway and in the hallway:

They came down pretty easy, but each was adhered with a big dollop of glue in each corner of the tile.  The glue was very hard and stuck well to the plaster.

Despite scraping, melting with acetone, and other methods, it would just not budge.  We knocked down the glue as well as we could and had to do a layer of drywall on top.

You may also notice another change from the above picture to the next next picture, the front bedroom had a second doorway that we didn’t want for now, so we closed it in.  The door and wood parts were saved to be used for a later project.

And the end result:

The hallway looks pretty good too.  Thanks to Mom and Dad for all their help with the drywall work.

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