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Hardwood floor refinishing. Dang cats!

When we bought the house, 3 of the bedrooms, the hall and entryway had hardwood floors of various stain colors, and were in need of refinishing.  The previous owners also mentioned that the hardwood floor continued into the living and dining room, but they had put carpet over it long ago.  So the first day we owned the house, Aunt Vicki, Amy and I started to remove some worn out carpet.

The first strip of carpet I removed looked very promising.  The floor looked beautiful under the carpet!

Amy, Aunt Vicki and I continued to remove it all, discovering that the previous owners cat really enjoyed urinating along the wall.

We wanted to have the bad spots fixed, which doubled the cost of the entire job, but we knew in the end it would be worth it.  You can see some of the 3 full days of repairs in the following picture.  There are others to the right of the fireplace, one in the entry way and one in the entry to the hallway as well.

The sanding begins!

You can hardly tell that every board on the left side of this room was replaced and feathered into the existing floor.

The stain goes on!

Squirrel!  (This was in the chronological order of pictures)

And after 3 coats of polyurathane the floor looks great.  It lightened a bit over time, but still is a red color that pops out all the wood grain.

This picture had bad lighting, it isn’t that dark, but still looks great.

With that done, we waited some time, and then could finally move in!  We plan to take good care of the floors and hopefully they will last a good long time.

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