Kitchen Remodel

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What a journey in remodeling not just our kitchen, but the flow throughout the living room, dining room, entry way and kitchen in our house. Some descriptions will be added to this post later, but for now here are some pictures of the progress.












Sewer Line Replacement

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Shortly after our son Michael was born, our main line sewer decided it was time to give up. The clay pipe had broken away in several spots, and roots have intruded. Also, the city was kind enough to plant a magnolia tree right on top of the line. After having the home warranty people send out an incompetent plumber to try to replace it, and not cover any of the costs as they don’t cover roots, our city inspector suggested a company they use and the job was quickly done.

The broken pipe in the scope:



Work in progress:


Parked for the night:


The complete replacement included digging up the street, breaking out the city’s main and replacing it with a Y fitting to accept our new pipe:


Today the grass has recovered, and you can hardly tell we had any major digging in the front yard. ¬†ūüôā

Networking Completed, For Now

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Warning: ¬†I am not a networking professional, I just pretend to be one at home. ¬†What I did works, and looks pretty, that’s all I know. ¬†ūüôā

Our house has this little niche in the office, and a raised foundation for easy cable running, and when we moved in I thought it would make a good shelf to put the printer/scanner on, as well as put the networking below.  It started out as 4 cat6 cables from the living room:


And grew into a huge mess of cables, as we added 6 more cat6 runs to the master bedroom, 4 to the office and 2 to a front bedroom.  The sprinkler timer also got rerouted from outdoors to inside this niche.


The finished product from has some shelf brackets turned into a makeshift 19 inch rack. ¬†The 24 port patch panel has 16 ports used, with the yellow and pink cables going to PoE injectors for our 3 wireless access points, covering the entire house with excellent reception. ¬†An outlet was added as well so the closet door can be closed. ¬†I have maxed out the 16 port gigabit switch I have, maybe a larger, rack-mount one will be in the future. ¬†ūüôā ¬†For now a 19″ rack shelf works to hold the cable modem and other components.


The runs end in keystones with cover places.  Behind the office desk I have a 4 way outlet, some others are just 2 ports.


And as far apart as I could put them are the 3 wireless access points by ubiquity networks, powered by PoE from the office so all they need is just a network cable.


The wireless system allows for seamless roaming between access points, including statistics and monitoring of those connected.  So far we have had no problems with speeds or coverage.


The last picture shows connected users, signal strength, and activity with options to manage them.


Master Bedroom

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The master bedroom project started January 26th and finished May 22nd.  This part of the house consisted of a hallway with two closets on the left, a bathroom straight down the hallway, and a bump-out with the master bedroom doorway to the right.  The master bedroom contained another very large closet.  We wanted to put a door at the start of the hallway, remove the large closet inside the master to make it larger, and remove the old master door to open up the room.  It makes the bathroom an ensuite bathroom now.

Taking the walls down to studs allowed us to find and fix some wiring surprises, some disintegrating duct work, as well as put in coax, cat6, and insulation.

Inside before:

Inside Before

Inside with plaster, closet and door framing removed, and sound proofing added:

Inside During

Finished product!  Smooth walls, with crown molding, recessed lighting, new closet door and trim:

Inside After

Another view, looking into the room:


And after:


And a final view, the hall before any changes:


And the hallway afterwards.  We used the door and casing from a previously removed extra door in the front bedroom, to use as our new master bedroom door.


We are glad to have the job complete, and are enjoying sleeping in our quiet, new master bedroom with the help from

Fireplace Mantle

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 When we moved in, the fireplace had no mantle.  The bookshelf to the right of the fireplace was removed, as shown in a previous post, and we wanted to add a mantle and some color.  Here is the fireplace before: 

Fireplace Previously

Grandpa Knierim built a mantle for us!

Grandpas Mantle

And the finished product is in, a light blue accent wall and white mantle and trim around the brick:

Finished Fireplace

Cat6 and Coax

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With the window changes, I also started the long process of running cat6 and coax to rooms that should have it.  It also allowed us to clean up the cables on the outside of the house.



Behind the tv we have two coax lines ran, and four cat6 ports:



Not A Fan Of Acoustic Tiles

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We don’t care much for the look of acoustic tiles. ¬†They were in the entryway and in the hallway:

They came down pretty easy, but each was adhered with a big dollop of glue in each corner of the tile.  The glue was very hard and stuck well to the plaster.

Despite scraping, melting with acetone, and other methods, it would just not budge.  We knocked down the glue as well as we could and had to do a layer of drywall on top.

You may also notice another change from the above picture to the next next picture, the front bedroom had a second doorway that we didn’t want for now, so we closed it in. ¬†The door and wood parts were saved to be used for a later project.

And the end result:

The hallway looks pretty good too.  Thanks to Mom and Dad for all their help with the drywall work.

Window changes in bathroom and living room

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When we removed a built-in bookshelf, we noticed that there was framing for a window there already.  A window had been covered up, inside and out.

There was also the large bathroom window.  We want to change the layout of the bathroom in the future to put a bathtub against the outside wall.  When the cost came back almost equal for 1 window vs 2 windows we decided to go ahead.  So this window on the right side:

The window was changed to a small one like in the other bathroom, a proper size for above a bathtub.  The other window is a double hung to match the other already-updated windows.  Stucco was reapplied:

And after painting with texcote, you can hardly tell there was anything done.  The living room feels much brighter and we are happy with the change.

Hardwood floor refinishing. Dang cats!

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When we bought the house, 3 of the bedrooms, the hall and entryway had hardwood floors of various stain colors, and were in need of refinishing.  The previous owners also mentioned that the hardwood floor continued into the living and dining room, but they had put carpet over it long ago.  So the first day we owned the house, Aunt Vicki, Amy and I started to remove some worn out carpet.

The first strip of carpet I removed looked very promising.  The floor looked beautiful under the carpet!

Amy, Aunt Vicki and I continued to remove it all, discovering that the previous owners cat really enjoyed urinating along the wall.

We wanted to have the bad spots fixed, which doubled the cost of the entire job, but we knew in the end it would be worth it.  You can see some of the 3 full days of repairs in the following picture.  There are others to the right of the fireplace, one in the entry way and one in the entry to the hallway as well.

The sanding begins!

You can hardly tell that every board on the left side of this room was replaced and feathered into the existing floor.

The stain goes on!

Squirrel!  (This was in the chronological order of pictures)

And after 3 coats of polyurathane the floor looks great.  It lightened a bit over time, but still is a red color that pops out all the wood grain.

This picture had bad lighting, it isn’t that dark, but still looks great.

With that done, we waited some time, and then could finally move in!  We plan to take good care of the floors and hopefully they will last a good long time.

We are homeowners!

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Amy and I have settled down in a home in Whittier, CA.  The house is in a good neighborhood, is in good condition, and we have lots of ideas on what we would like to make out of it in the many years to come.